Steel Fabrication Service

Steel fabrication consists of metal structures by cutting, drilling, bending, and assembling processes which involves the construction of machines and structures from various raw materials.Brygate Ltd offers a wide range of steel fabrication services including Mezzanine floor’s, Domestic builders beams, Staircases, Cat ladders, Plant room Steels, Chiller steels, Agricultural buildings and much more.
Brygate has a design and consulting office to assist companies with either their own engineering drawings or to instruct Brygate to create for them. Once drawings are approved the fabrication works can commence, including welding, cutting, forming and machining. Our factory workshop offers additional value to our customers by limiting the requirement for purchasing extra members of staff to locate multiple vendors for different services. Steel fabrication will start with GA drawings including precise measurements, this moves to the fabrication stage and finally to the installation of the final project. Brygate typical projects include small parts, structural steel frames for buildings, mazzanine flooring, spiral staircases, verandas and hand railings for any type of building.

Delivering Quality

Providing our clients with the assurance that Brygate will continue to deliver the highest quality standards, as approved and certified by leading authority bodies (DNV), is one of our key commitments.
Our quality management system is based on continual improvement and feedback from our external and internal stakeholders: clients, suppliers and employees.
Internal and external quality audits are performed yearly across the regional entities, as well as with our suppliers, to ensure that we do not compromise on any aspect of quality, and continue to guarantee industry-leading performance levels.

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