Brygate Limited has a list of FAQ’s. We are aware that you may have some questions about our Architectural Fabrication Drawings, Steel Services, Steel Projects or details about our Health and Safety Policy. Alternatively, you may just want to enquire about our Fabrication Drawings design in-house teams.


Frequently Asked Questions

Brygate Limited will provide a list of the most requested FAQ about our Structural Steelwork services. We have the answers to the questions about all of our combined Steel Services. We are a nationwide Full-Service Steel Company, so please note that the services we offer can incorporate the UK and anywhere in Europe. If there’s a faq that we haven’t provided and you need answers to, please get in touch. 

Does Brygate Limited have their own Fabrication Workshop?

Brygate has a fully equipped fabrication workshop for all fabricating, punching, bending, cutting and plasma cutting.

Can Brygate Limited supply Lifting Plans and Cranes?

The simple answer is Yes. Brygate Limited incorporates this within our quotations if required.

Can Brygate Limited supply Appointed Persons?

Brygate Limited have our own team of Appointed Persons, that work alongside our Lift Supervisor’s, Fitters, Welders and Erectors.

Does Brygate Limited supply Plant Machinery? e,g; Cherry Pickers, Scissor Lifts…

Yes, again Brygate Limited covers all plant to undertake the project when the costs are accepted within our tender. Purchase orders are then requested for the project to commence. We may also need to undertake a small survey to make sure the correct plant equipment is required.

If we require an alteration on our project with any steel work, can you fix this?

Brygate Limited has full experienced snagging teams, that are fully equipped to manage any issue.

Can Brygate Limited meet programs and tight deadlines?

Brygate Limited to date has always met program deadlines. We resolve any issue as soon as we come across them on any site. Variations are always undertaken too upon agreement.

Does Brygate Limited supply RAMS?

Yes, all of our RAMS are fully signed before any work commences.

Does Brygate Limited undertake Site Surveys?

Our team of Surveyor’s / Engineers take on surveys and undertake weight calculations and connection details.

Does Brygate Limited design Mezzanine floors?

Yes, Brygate Limited undertakes full in-house design for your approval.

Can Brygate Limited design a Steel Building?

Brygate Limited has a full design and engineering services that can manage your projects, from the start going right through to completion.

Can Brygate Limited just produce Fabrication Drawings from a given GA?

Yes, Brygate Limited is fully qualified and operational within this section. We hold all PI Insurances too for peace of mind.

How did Brygate Limited grow into a fully operational design and build company.

We grew with the support from our clients, as most of our client’s found it a better solution to have full service from the start throughout to completion. There is less delay‘s that you come across when a company completes the whole project, without other trades delaying and may be causing issues (this is in our experience this may differ for other companies).