Brygate Limited is a high-quality full Steel fabrication company with locations nationwide.  We specialise in All metal fabrication and Welding services along with Steel erection services and nationwide labour supply.

Location for Steel Services

LocationIt is very important to choose the correct Steel company that is in the right location, who can also fulfill all your construction requirements. We work nationwide and we provide services across all the major cities in the United Kingdom as well as all across Europe. Brygate Limited is a full-service Steel company that provides excellent Steel services and completes major Steel Projects across any location in the United Kingdom.

The major towns in the south east region and home counties with great investment are the likes of Ashford, Bromley, Crawley, Croydon,  Dartford, Greenwich, Maidstone, Sevenoaks, Sittingbourne and Tonbridge are listed for significant investment by the local government.

Welding Services Location

Brygate’s team of professional of production Welders and Welding Fabricators, are qualified and trained in Mig welding and Tig Welding in respect of Aluminium, Corten Steel, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Weathering Steel. If you’d like to know more about the service we provide, then please do not hesitate to get in touch, or view our Coded Welders page call us now on 03335770552

Our dedicated welding team are always on hand to meet the tight deadlines required by our customers and our focus is about delivering quality requirements. The logos listed below are just a few of our customers, who we have provided Coded Welders and Steel Fabrication services for across the country.

Mezzanine Floors

Steel Services LocationOur Mezzanine Floors are used in a brilliant way to create additional space, in commercial and domestic properties. Steel Mezzanines effectively are great at using dead space within your home, or within a warehouse to create more office space in the right location.

Over the past few years, the popularity of mezzanine floors has become commonplace in many properties, whether they’re in commercial or domestic settings. We will review the space available to you and advise on the best option available, as Brygate Limited will provide a survey once we ascertain the intended usage.

This survey will also include fire safety, the evaluation and measurement to provide the best products, for your project. As we have our own inhouse, Fabrication Drawings Team we can create the detailed design ideas that you like. Once you’ve approved the design. our excellent design drawings team will consult with our Steel fabricators.

Mezzanine floor Installers
Mezzanine floors Near Me
Mezzanine Office Floor Installers

Location in a Barn

The Mezzanine floor below is located in this conversion and it shows how space can be utilized in a home or office. Brygate Limited can help you to decide the best location and design arrangement, for a professionally installed mezzanine floor.

Mezzanine Floor Finished
Mezzanine Floor
Mezzanine Floor Platform

Ashford Steel Erectors

Steel Erectors In Ashford

Location - Steel Erectors In Bromley

Steel Erectors In Bromley

Location - Steel Erectors Crawley

Steel Erectors In Crawley

Location - Steel Erectors In Croydon

Steel Erectors In Croydon

Location - Dartford Steel Erectors

Steel Erectors In Dartford

Location - Steel Erectors In Greenwich

Steel Erectors In Greenwich

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Steel Erectors In Maidstone

Location - Sevenoaks Steel Erectors

Steel Erectors In Sevenoaks

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Steel Erectors In Sittingbourne

Location - Steel Erectors In Tonbridge

Steel Erectors In Tonbridge